About The Car Shake

- Oct 28, 2019-

About the car shake

How do you tell the difference between body jitter and engine jitter? If the car starts to run after the appearance of jitter phenomenon is the body jitter; If as long as the start of the vehicle there is a jitter phenomenon is the engine jitter. After distinguishing the two kinds of jitter, we first look at the reasons for the body jitter:

1.The engine is out of cylinder and fire

At present, the mainstream family cars are all four-cylinder engines, which are characterized by low noise and strong stability. However, if one cylinder fails to work properly, it will affect the other three cylinders and cause obvious engine jitter. The two key elements that affect the work of the cylinder are the spark plug and the ignition coil.

2. Aging of engine pawl

The engine is fixed on the frame by pawls, which are rubber parts, and will inevitably age with a long time of exposure to the sun. As a fixed engine parts, once the ratchet claws aging will inevitably lead to the engine fixed and jitter, so if the vehicle age is older, the engine jitter obvious but not too much change in power, then it is recommended that we focus on checking the engine pawl.

3. Brake disc problem

Because everyone's driving habits, road conditions are not the same, so the wear of the brake disc is different, some friends often heavy brake, brake, time is very easy to cause uneven wear of the brake disc leading to deformation. Although this will not affect the daily driving, but when the surface smoothness of the brake disc is poor to a certain extent, the car body will obviously feel shaking when stepping on the brake during driving, and even accompanied by the phenomenon of "bouncing foot" of the brake pedal, if the brake disc wear is not very serious, most repair shops will polish repair.

4. Switching to institutional issues

Although electronic power increasingly become the mainstream, but due to the cost limit, many models still use hydraulic power system, compared with electronic power, the biggest problem of the hydraulic power system is the service life. Once the steering system problems, in addition to the whole vehicle vibration, the first failure is often the vibration of the steering wheel, if this phenomenon suggests that we first check the power oil is missing, whether there is oil under the engine. If these two are no problem from the tire pressure, dynamic balance and other aspects of the solution.