Are bushings the same as bushings? Under what circumstances should bushings be used and under what circumstances should bushings be used?

- Aug 13, 2019-

Shaft sleeve is used to replace rolling bearing at low rotating speed

1.Shaft sleeve is used on gear shaft or bearing. Its main function is to fix and locate the gear shaft. For example, when the reducer is installed, the gear shaft needs to be used to fix the central position of the shaft and the bearing so as not to displace it because of vibration during operation.

2.The sleeve acts as a sliding bearing. In order to save material, the thickness of the sleeve is designed according to the axial load required by the bearing. Cast copper and bearing alloy materials are generally selected. Axle sleeves can be divided into openings and non-openings, which should be based on the needs of the structure. Generally, the bush can not bear the axial load, or can only bear smaller axial load or thrust bearing, while the shaft is generally round.

3.The sleeve is used to replace the rolling bearing in some places where the rotating speed is low, the radial load is high and the clearance requirement is high (such as camshaft). In fact, the sleeve is also a kind of sliding bearing. The material requirement is low hardness and wear resistance. The inner hole of the sleeve is grinded and scraped to achieve higher matching accuracy. There must be lubricating oil on the inner wall. Lubrication of grooves and bushings is very important. Several grinding axles and bushings will soon be discarded. It is recommended here to scrape the inner hole wall of bushings during installation so as to leave many small pits and enhance lubrication function.

Application of bushing in friction pairs to become wear-bearing parts

Bushing is used outside mechanical parts to achieve sealing, wear protection and other supporting parts. Bushing has a wide range of applications, many parts in the industrial field, such as valves, bearings and other components will use bushing.