Fault Inspection of Automobile Shock Absorber

- Aug 19, 2019-

1. Make the car stop after driving 10 km on the road with poor road conditions. Touch the shock absorber shell by hand. If it is not hot enough, it means that there is no resistance inside the shock absorber and the shock absorber does not work. At this time, appropriate lubricating oil can be added, and then the test can be carried out. If the shell is heated, there will be a lack of oil in the shock absorber, and oil should be added; otherwise, the shock absorber will fail.

2. Push the bumper hard and release it. If the car has 2-3 jumps, the shock absorber works well.

3. When the car is running slowly and braking urgently, if the vibration of the car is intense, it indicates that the shock absorber has problems.

4. Remove the shock absorber and erect it. Clamp the lower end connecting ring on the bench pliers. Pull the shock absorber rod several times with force. At this time, there should be stable resistance. The resistance to pull up should be greater than that to press down. If the resistance is unstable or no resistance, it may be oil shortage inside the shock absorber or damage to the valve parts, it should be repaired or replaced with zero. Pieces.