How to change transmission oil 100%?

- Apr 29, 2020-

No matter MT or AT gearbox, there are filters, they are placed in the gearbox oil sump, the general vehicle every 30,000-40000 km need to replace this part and gearbox oil. If the filter is blocked or the gear oil exceeds the life range, it will cause the vehicle power loss, jitter, change gear not in time and other conditions, so remind the car friends to pay attention to the gearbox oil and filter element replacement problem.

How to change transmission oil 100%?

List of materials required for complete replacement:

1. Transmission oil:

Transmission oil exceeding 2 times of transmission oil capacity. For example, 6AT aishin wave box, the volume is 6L, then you need to prepare 12L, of which 6L is used as cleaning replacement oil.

2. Oil sump seal strip

Rubber life is 3-5 years, so the transmission oil also needs to replace the seal.

3. Gearbox filter

And oil change principle is same, every time change oil must change filter element!

4. Power cleaning spray

Clean oil pan and lower part of gearbox.

5. Oil product circulating machine (important)

With the circulation machine circulation, each gear need to hang several times, so that the clutch disc all open and close, the old oil displacement out.