How to maintain the chassis in summer?

- Mar 26, 2020-

The baking of the surface in summer, the invasion of acid rain, the impact of flying stones on the gravel road, so that the car chassis rusting. Exhaust gas and noise will seep into the corroded holes. "Chassis sealing plastic" can be high adhesion, high elasticity, high anti-corrosion, moisture-proof flexible rubber resin thick coating on the chassis, to achieve anti-corrosion, rust prevention, anti-collision, while there is a certain anti-noise function, can be separated from the bottom of a part of the noise. "Chassis seal plastic" different from the previous simple antirust treatment, in the past just in the chassis coated with a layer of grease to isolate moisture, can only maintain a period of time. And "chassis seal plastic" can be firmly attached to the chassis, responsible dealers will promise "seal plastic" after the vehicle in case of the bottom, to provide free repair.

"Chassis sealing plastic" (chassis armor work) must be into the special workshop operation, not on other occasions, pay attention to the rainy day is not suitable for construction. Want to clear chassis grease carefully first, with special detergent to remove asphalt, grease thoroughly, and dry. Afterward, the rotating parts of the transmission shaft and the exhaust pipe, which need to dissipate heat, shall be sealed with tape and sprayed with plastic, otherwise, it will affect their normal operation. In order to improve the effect of sound insulation and anti-collision, sealing plastic must be carried out secondary spraying treatment, the middle to 20 minutes, such as the first layer of spray drying after the implementation of the second spray.