How to solve chassis corrosion rust?

- Mar 12, 2020-

Chassis corrosion rust

As the saying goes "rotten car first rotten bottom", this is the most common problem, especially there is a certain car age of the old car, more or less have to face chassis corrosion trouble. The sun's baking on the ground, the invasion of rain and the chemical composition in the atmosphere may corrode the chassis of the car, sand and stone will continue to hit the chassis so that the anti-rust paint of the chassis is destroyed so that the metal exposed in the chassis surface, and direct contact with water oxidation and rust more intensified the corrosion of the chassis.


1. Regularly clean car chassis. Relatively speaking, professional car chassis repair and maintenance costs are relatively expensive, if the owner in the daily cleaning car can take care of the chassis, it can delay the degree of corrosion of the car chassis, reduce the number of repairs and maintenance.

2: do antirust care, that is, chassis armor, it is recommended that you go to a professional automotive beauty shop to do a chassis antirust care, antirust materials must maintain uniform spray coating, after all the completion of natural air drying to use the car.