Method for judging the failure and damage of shock absorbers

- Sep 06, 2019-

1.Vehicle rear shock absorber reliability judgment method: put the car on a flat place, press the trunk down by hand (the large SUV trunk cover is also opened) and then release, the vehicle is maintained 2-3 times The jump after the rebound is considered normal.

2.Vehicle rear shock absorber judgment method: Place the car on a flat place, press the bumper (press the front part of the car), and then release it. If the car has 2 or 3 jumps, it means shock absorption. The device works well.

3.At low speeds, suddenly brakes suddenly. If you find that the car is shaking more and the human body feels uncomfortable, the possibility of damage to the shock absorber is very great.

4.The car will stop after driving for about 10km on the road with poor road conditions, and touch the shock absorber casing by hand. If there is no certain heat in the casing temperature, or it is always cold, it means there is no resistance inside the shock absorber. The device is not working properly.

5.Lift the vehicle or hit the wheel. Check the appearance of the damper. If there is obvious oil stain (usually more than 1/2 of the total length), it is recommended to replace it.

6.Pry the shock absorber dust jacket. If the rubber sleeve of the buffer block is damaged, the shock absorber is also severely damaged and damaged or affected in most cases.