Power steering pump requirements

- Sep 25, 2019-

Many medium and heavy-duty trucks have a power steering pump driven by the crankshaft of the air compressor. The power steering pump is coaxial with the air compressor and is mounted behind it. The power steering pump converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and delivers it to the east steering gear through the power steering tubing.

Requirements for power steering pumps include:

1.Provide sufficient hydraulic oil flow and pressure when the engine is idling to meet the requirements of parking steering.

2.High work efficiency to reduce energy consumption.

3.When the speed is constant, the flow fluctuation should be small to help reduce the noise.

4.Reliable work and good durability.

5.The operating temperature is within the desired range.

6.With a finite pressure valve to limit the maximum oil pressure in the system (for safety).

7.With flow control valve to limit the maximum flow of power steering pump to the power steering, thereby reducing pump power consumption, reducing temperature, reducing vibration and noise, and reducing pressure.

8.Small size, light weight and low cost.