Practical application of bushing

- Jul 24, 2019-

Application: packaging machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, printing machinery, tobacco machinery, forging machinery, all kinds of machine tools and interchangeable machinery transmission coupling. For example: pulleys, sprockets, gears, propellers, large fans and other various connections; features: large torque, high precision, easy to assemble and disassemble, simple operation, good positioning, reduce the scrap rate of the shaft and hub to be fitted, Reusable and undamaged, it is the most ideal and economical choice.

1.Installation: The bushing has been coated with lubricating oil at the factory and can be installed directly. When installing, first screw three bolts into the screw holes of the flange of the other part and spread them evenly around the circumference to open the inner sleeve and the outer sleeve. Then place the expansion sleeve into the hub hole of the design position and tighten the bolt with the force gauge. The tightening method is that each bolt is only screwed to 1/4 of the rated torque at a time, and the order of tightening is bounded by the slit. The left and right cross symmetry is tightened one after the other to ensure that the rated torque value is reached.

2.Disassembly: Loosen all bolts a few times before disassembly. Then screw in the bolt top expansion sleeve in the disassembled screw hole.

3.Protection: Prevent expansion of the sleeve during installation. In machines with open air or poor working environment, anti-rust grease should be applied regularly on the exposed end face and bolts of the expansion sleeve. The expansion type with better rust resistance should be selected. The expansion joint sleeve is a new type of advanced mechanical basic parts. It is a new type of keyless coupling device widely used in the world to realize the transmission of load and friction by tightening the 12.9 high-strength screw to achieve the load transmission.