Principle of Automotive Shock Absorber

- Aug 21, 2019-

1. In the automobile suspension, the shock absorber is always used with the spring. When we press down the corner of the body, the actual compression is the spring, while the corresponding swing arm swings. When the car is released, the body will rebound under the spring force. At this time, the shock absorber will damp the spring rebound, that is to say, it tends to be stable after rebound.

2. If there is no shock absorber, the spring will be compressed and rebounded again after rebound, which shows that the body tends to be stable after many rebounds. So the shock absorber is for the spring of automobile suspension to play the role of damping and shock absorption when it rebounds.

3. When the shock absorber is compressed, the piston goes down, the volume of the upper chamber increases, the volume of the lower chamber decreases, the flow valve opens, and the oil in the lower chamber enters the upper chamber through the flow valve; at the same time, part of the oil opens the compression valve and enters the storage cylinder. The throttling effect of the two valves on the oil makes the shock absorber have the damping effect in compression motion.

4. When the shock absorber is elongated, the piston goes up, the upper chamber volume decreases while the lower chamber volume increases. The expansion valve opens, and the oil in the upper chamber enters the lower chamber through the expansion valve. At the same time, a part of the oil opens to compensate and enters the lower chamber from the storage cylinder. The throttling effect of the two valves on the oil makes the shock absorber damp when it is in stretching motion.

5. Shock absorber is a vulnerable part in the process of automobile use. The working quality of shock absorber will directly affect the stability of automobile and the life of other parts. Therefore, shock absorber should always be in good working condition.

6. After determining whether the shock absorber has problems or failures, it is necessary to check whether the shock absorber leaks oil or has traces of obsolete oil leakage. The oil seal gasket and seal gasket are damaged and broken, and the nut of the oil storage cylinder head is loose. It may be that the oil seal and gasket are damaged and invalid. New seals should be replaced. If the oil leak is still not eliminated, the shock absorber should be pulled out.

7. Shock absorber will produce noise in actual use. This is mainly due to the collision between shock absorber and leaf spring, frame or axle, the damage or fall off of rubber pad, the deformation of shock absorber dust-proof cylinder and the lack of oil. The reasons should be identified and repaired.