The composition and function of power steering pump

- Sep 17, 2019-

The composition of the power steering pump

At present, the steering pump for automobiles is mostly a double-acting vane type steering pump, which is mainly composed of a common double-acting vane pump, a flow control valve and a pressure safety valve; the double-acting vane pump provides high-pressure oil, and the flow control valve ensures that the steering pump output is suitable for the whole vehicle. The required flow rate, the pressure relief valve controls the maximum output pressure of the steering pump, and for a gasoline engine with a small engine power, a pressure switch should also be provided.

The role of the power steering pump

1. The power steering pump is the power source of the hydraulic power steering system. It converts the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy through the engine as the transmission medium. The steering oil converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy through the hydraulic oil output from the oil pump, thereby reducing the driver's operation. Strength, improve the maneuverability of the vehicle.

2. Control the internal pressure of the power steering pipeline through the pressure safety valve to ensure the safety of the steering system; 3. Control the flow of the steering system through the flow control valve to ensure the driver's steering feel when the vehicle is driving at high speed.