What's engine mounts?

- Aug 29, 2019-

Engine mount is divided into two kinds, one is torque support, and one is engine foot glue, engine foot glue role is mainly fixed shock absorption, mainly said torque support!

Torque bracket is a kind of engine fastener, which is usually connected with the engine on the front axle of automobile body.

The difference with ordinary engine foot glue is that the engine foot glue is mounted directly on the bottom of the engine with a rubber pier, while the torque bracket is mounted on the side of the engine in a similar manner to an iron bar. In the torsion bracket there will be a torsion bracket glue, play the role of shock absorption.

Notes for engine maintenance:

1. Clean the air filter

Air filters don't clog up when driving only in cities, but cars need to pay special attention to air filter cleaning when driving on dusty roads.

2. Remove throttle oil sludge

There are many reasons for the oil sludge at the throttle. Some of them are the carbon deposition caused by fuel burning waste gas at the throttle. In addition, impurities not filtered by the air filter are left at the throttle. Sludge more air intake will produce air resistance, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

3, clean jet nozzle carbon

Because the combustion chamber is prone to carbon deposition, which can lead to start-up difficulties; Fuel nozzle carbon will also lead to blockage, gasoline injection deformation, atomization, fuel consumption will increase.