What should I do if the power steering pump fails?

- Sep 23, 2019-

The power steering pump is the power source of the hydraulic power steering system. The engine is used as the transmission medium to convert the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The steering oil converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy through the hydraulic oil output by the oil pump, thereby reducing the driver's operation intensity. Improve the maneuverability of the vehicle. The performance of power steering pump failures are:

1.Beep when turning the wheel: If you hear a click when you turn the wheel, there will be problems with the power steering system. It may be a leak in the power steering pump, or the liquid level may be low. If the liquid level is maintained for such a long time, the entire power steering system may be damaged. Either way, you need to look at the power steering pump and possibly replace it with a professional.

2.The steering wheel responds slowly: When turning, if the steering feels slow response to the ongoing steering wheel input, the power steering pump may be faulty. In addition to this, you may hear a buzz. If you notice both symptoms, contact a professional to replace the power steering pump.

3.The steering wheel is stiff: the steering wheel is not only slow to respond, but it also becomes stiff if the power steering fails. If the steering wheel starts to feel stiff, your power steering pump may get worse.

4.Screaming when the vehicle starts: When the vehicle is turned, it usually hears a click, and when the vehicle starts for the first time, it will scream. They also happen when making sharp turns, but they are more likely to happen for a minute while driving. The screaming noise is usually from the hood of your vehicle, which indicates that the power steering pump may get worse or become more severe and cause the belt to slip.

5.Similar to the sound of the humming sound: hum is the noise that may be generated by the power steering pump. When the power steering pump continues to fail, they get worse and worse. If the power steering system fails due to lack of fluid, it can damage the entire system, including the steering rack and wiring, and requires a complete replacement.