Benz Suspension Arm For S-Class W220 2203304307

Benz Suspension Arm For S-Class W220 2203304307

Place of Origin: Xiamen, China (Mainland)
OE NO.: 2203308907, 2203302507, 2203304307
Position: Front lower Left Control Arm
Product name: Suspension Control Arm
Packing: Neutral Packing
Car Make: Mercedes Benz

Product Details

Benz Suspension arm for S-Class W220

BENZ S-Class W220 [1998-2005]

OE No.

2203308907, 220 330 8907, 220 330 89 07

2203309007. 220 330 9007, 220 330 90 07

2203302507, 220 330 2507, 220 330 25 07

2203304307, 220 330 4307, 220 330 43 07

Applicable Model

Mercedes Benz  C CLASS(W202)C 200, C CLASS(W204)C 180, C CLASS(W204)C 200, C CLASS(W204)C 300, C CLASS(W204)C 350, CLC-CLASS CLC 160, CLK(C209)200, CLK(C209)280 

1. What is the purpose of the Control Arm? 

The Control arm is a metal piece equipped with rubber bushing on the frame side of the vehicle and a ball joint on the wheel side of the vehicle, that allows flexible and controlled movement according to road condition. 

Control arm connects the wheel hub and steering knuckle to the car frame of the vehicle. It makes your tires to smoothly go up and down in a control fashion. Without control arm, your ride could be very uncomfortable.

2. When do I need to replace control arm ?

It is necessary to replace a new control arm when the rubber bushing is broken, or the ball joint generates weird sound due to the wear of inner socket.

3. What is the purpose of Rubber Bushing?

Rubber Bushing is a rubber piece fixed in the control arm. It is very important for driving and riding comfort. It acts as a flexible and vibration isolating joint, absorbing the impact force and isolating the vibration from vehicle tires to reduce the noise and vibration.

4. When do I need to replace rubber bushing?

The rubber material ages & deteriorates as the mileage increases, eventually the rubber bushing gets worn & broken. A worn or damaged rubber bushing could cause noise (as a result of metal to metal contact), tire wear, riding discomfort and vibration. Whenever you suffer from any one of the above mentioned problems, it is the time to check if the control arm bushing is still in good condition.

5. Can I replace the rubber bushing only instead of changing a new control arm ? 

Some repair shops with experience and hydraulic push-out equipment would replace the rubber bushing only, if the ball joint side is still in good condition. But improper disassembly and assembly of rubber bushing will lead to a risk of "too low push out strength" of rubber bushing from its control arm housing hole, which is very dangerous. This is not a good option, as a result, most of the car repair shops will suggest to change a new control arm, instead of changing the rubber bushing only. 

6. Do I need to change both sides if only one side breaks down ?

The left and right control arms are equally stressed, their durability are not much different with each other, most repair shops will suggest you to change both sides control arms to avoid the maintenance cost for changing the other side after a short period of time.

7. Can you produce according to our samples or technical drawings?

Yes, we can.

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